Nick´s Sunflower

Eric can perform magic, even on the simplest of flowers… An interpretation of the Sunflower’s scent bringing summer's bright and warm perspectives.

This bouquet of luminous Orange Flower, Narcissus, and Tuberose is tinted by delicate fruity notes of Quince, Lychee, and Nectarine mingling with warm Amber and Musk.


Top Notes · Linden Flower, Quince, Lychee, Narcissus Flower Absolute, Nectarine Nature Print

Heart Notes · Orange Blossom Supra SFE, Tiare Flower, Jasmine Sambac Firabsolute

Base Notes · Osmanthus, Tuberose Absolute, Muscenone, Ambrox ®


· Key Words ·

youthful Sunflower, uplifting and warm